Students with a temporary or structural functional limitation (e.g. broken limbs, dyslexia, chronic illnesses etc.) may be allowed to make use of extra facilities within reasonable limits for the duration of their functional impairment. These facilities are meant to contribute to an equal opportunity towards achieving their academic goals for those students with a functional impairment. Possible facilities are: taking the exam in a separate room with 30 minutes extra time, providing the exam on A3 paper format, taking the exam on a PC.

Requests can be submitted via Osiris Zaak (Osiris Cases), throughout the academic year. However, students should keep in mind the processing of the request can take up to 14 days. Requests should be accompanied by all relevant documentation, such as a medical statement or diagnostic assessment of dyslexia. The dyslexia assessment must have been conducted by a specialist teacher/assessor with an assessing practicing certificate or an accredited psychologist registered with the relevant national health authorities. Students can check beforehand whether their dyslexia statement meets the requirements of the EUR protocol.


I would like to submit my request now

The Examination Board will decide whether or not - and for how long - a student is eligible for extra facilities on the basis of his/her impairment.