**Application deadline 15 June 2022**  - There are no exceptions

Under certain predefined conditions and for certain predefined goals, RSM will accommodate students who wish to extend their studies to complete an internship by postponing issuance of their degree.

General conditions

  • You must have completed all curricular components, including the thesis, in the nominal timespan of the programme
  • You must apply for the extension well in advance of the deadline. You may not apply for postponement retroactively (i.e. after the degree has been granted)

Which students CANNOT apply for postponement of issuing the degree? 

  • Students who have not yet completed all their curricular components (there is no need since your degree has not yet been issued)
  • Students who have not studied nominally (you do not meet the general conditions)
  • Students who want to improve a sufficient result (this is not a predefined goal) 


One-year MSc Programmes (EEA students)
Students may pursue an internship following completion of their curricular requirements. The internship does not constitute an official part of the curriculum and will not be displayed on the grade list. However, it may be important to you or your internship employer that you hold student status. For students to be able to re-enroll after 1 September of each year (thus maintaining student status into a new academic year), it is necessary to postpone issuance of the degree.  

Please note that being enrolled as a student requires payment of tuition fee for as long as you are enrolled as a student.


  • You must have completed all curricular components, including your thesis, in the nominal timespan of the programme
  • You must have arranged, or be in the process of arranging, an internship following completion of the one-year degree programme.
  • The internship, or the intention to do an internship, must have been registered with RSM’s Career Centre well in advance of the deadline and the ‘Postponement Active Degree Issuance Internship EEA’ form must have been completed and submitted by 15 June 2022. 

One-year MSc programmes (non-EEA students)
Non-EEA students may pursue an internship in the Netherlands following completion of their curriculum. As regulated by Dutch law, you must hold student status and the internship must be related to your studies. In order for students to maintain their student status and to be able to re-enroll after 1 September of each year, it is necessary to postpone the issuance of the degree.

As RSM acknowledges the importance of an internship, the student will be offered a tuition fee discount. The student will pay the statutory fee of € 2.209 for the academic year 2022-2023 (ultimately the student will only be required to pay tuition for the months they are enrolled). The residence permit for non-EEA students is valid until 30 November 2022. This period of validity CANNOT be extended, and means that non-EEA students pay a maximum of three months tuition fees, for September through November.

NOTE: Application for an orientation/”search year” (Dutch, “zoekjaar”) is not possible during your postponement. Your residence permit will be valid until 30 November 2022 if a postponement is issued (this rule cannot be circumvented). Students who would like to benefit from an orientation year are thus urged to make appropriate arrangements early. For more information contact the RSM Career Centre at careercentre@rsm.nl.