Erasmus School of Colour (Esoc)

Esoc strive for a more diverse and inclusive EUR concerning education, research and organisation. Their goal is to enforce and contribute to a safer space for marginalised groups/students.

Association of Students of African Heritage (ASAH)

ASAH, (Association of Students of African Heritage) is the largest international Africa-oriented study association in the Netherlands focused on bridging the gap between students and the African continent. In accordance to this mission, ASAH organizes various events throughout the year.


Avicenna - Medical Multicultural

Student association Avicenna is a multicultural association for all students at Erasmus MC and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. The association was founded in 1996 and is named after the scientist Ibn Sina, an Islamic physician.

His inventions have been crucial to important developments in medicine. Within Avicenna, there is a constant search for interfaces between medical science, ethical issues and the Islamic view of them.


Chinese Student Association (CSA-EUR) 

CSA-EUR stands for the Chinese Student Association Erasmus University Rotterdam. CSA-EUR is the student association that interacts with those that share the same interests in Chinese culture or business. Acting as a window between China and the Netherlands, the Chinese Student Association (CSA-EUR) brings multiple cultures and talents together.


Dutch Caribbean Association (DCA)

A student association of a socially unifying nature.

Hindu Student Association (HSFN)

The aim of HSFN is to increase the cohesion among Hindu students in the Netherlands, to represent Hindu students and to organize entertaining and informative activities. HSFN strives to promote Hindu culture and identity. HSFN wants to promote this through its activities, newsletters and website. In recent years, the association has taken a more active stance with regard to student affairs and current social issues.

Islamic Student Association (IQRA)

Student association IQRA makes a difference in the lives of young Muslims. Together they work for an inclusive society in which class, colour, sex and religion no longer form dividing lines on which oppression takes place.


Turkish Student Association (Mozaik)

Student association Mozaik, or better known as SV Mozaik, is a Turkish student association based at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Every year Mozaik organizes a wide range of activities where students can get to know each other such as dinners, drinks and study trips. Mozaik also strives to contribute to the self-development of students by organizing educational activities.


Indonesian Student Association (PPI)

PPI Rotterdam stands for Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Rotterdam, or Indonesian Students Association in Rotterdam. Founded in 1985 by a few students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, PPI Rotterdam (or often abbreviated as PPI-R) was created to assist the assimilation processes of Indonesian students in Rotterdam, as well as organizing activities that may help Indonesian students feel at home and promote Indonesian culture to the international community in Rotterdam.


Surinamese Student Association (SSA)

The Surinamese Students Abroad (SSA) association is with more than 2400 members the largest Surinamese student association in the Netherlands. SSA is an association for students who have an affinity with Suriname and in particular those who (temporarily) leave Suriname for their further studies here in the Netherlands. Their goal is, by organizing various activities that have direct and indirect added value for the entire Surinamese student community in the Netherlands, to make a strong contribution to the further development of students in addition to their studies.


Eastern European Students Association (EESA)

EESA is a student organization at Erasmus University that promotes Eastern European traditions and culture. Their motto is ‘Connecting the East in the West”. It is to build and empower the Eastern European student community at Erasmus University while integrating it into the Dutch society. 


Christian Student Association (C.S.V. Ichtus Rotterdam)

C.S.V. Ichthus Rotterdam is an interdenominational, Christian student association in Rotterdam. In addition to the association evenings, with speakers and drinks, the Bible circle and fun activities are important evenings within Ichthus

International Students Rotterdam (ISR)

International Students Rotterdam organizes events that touch upon every aspect of student life such as academic and social events. By inviting International students from all higher educational institutions in Rotterdam they hope to offer a platform that is one of a kind, where you can meet people you otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to.


Reformed student association (VGSR)

The Association of Reformed Students in Rotterdam has been part of the student life in this vibrant city since 1950. Mainly located in the West of Rotterdam, it is a group of committed Christian students, looking to get more out of their student life. The VGSR is there for both university and HBO students, for everyone who endorses God's word. 


Erasmus PRIDE

Erasmus Pride is the network for students and employees of the Erasmus University Rotterdam aimed at LGBTQ+ issues. Their goal is to connect and educate all those on the Erasmus University Rotterdam through lectures and social drinks.


Reformed Student Association (CSFR)

The Civitas Studiosorum in Fundamento Reformato is a Christian student association with a reformed foundation. Ichthus is a Christian student association in Rotterdam and a fraternity of the C.S.F.R.