This workshop is of interest to all students who face challenges while studying and who can benefit from learning effective study skills. 

When you have trouble focusing (for example due to ADHD), need more time to read your literature (for example because of dyslexia) or simply do not yet posses the right study skills to study effectively: you are welcome to participate in this workshop (with and without disability). 

During this workshop we will focus on: 

  • processing information, 
  • funnel reading, 
  • mind mapping, 
  • memory techniques, and 
  • scientific writing.

The workshops are held both in Dutch and in English. Both groups will have 3 on-campus sessions. When you apply for his workshop, you must participate in all three: 

Workshops Effective Study StrategiesDatesTimeLocation
Dutch groupWednesdays 9,16 & 30 November10:00 - 12:00On-campus, more information follows
English groupWednesdays 9,16 & 30 November
12:30 - 14:30On-campus, more information follows

Sign up via SIN-Online via this link! Registrations are open till Monday 31 Okt 23:59. 

How to register on SIN-Online?

1. Open SIN-Online.

2. Go to 'Subscribe', and search for 'Studieadviseurs RSM' , 'RSM IBA Study Advice' or 'MSc Study Advice'in the channel selector.

3. Click on 'add subscription' and save changes.

4. Navigate to 'My registrations' and register for the workshop!

Trainer: Drs. Marzenka Rolak of the Dyslexiecentrum Rotterdam is a remedial educationalist and specialized in learning disabilities, dyslexia in particular.