We care about you and your well-being, not just your grades! We all know these are still difficult times. But there are a lot of services and resources that you can call on for support. All you have to do is use the links to contact the help that’s ready and waiting for people like you.  

We’ve got ways to maintain and boost your well-being: from dealing with feelings of loneliness and stress, to enhancing your motivation to study. They are all in the EUR’s well-being programme ‘Are you OK out there?’  

Some of the initiatives are listed below – if you have a look you’ll see that there is something for everyone. You can join a student panel, talk to someone who listens sympathetically on the helpline, or join a wide range of social events. 

Besides this there are many factors that can influence your studies, such as: stress, digital (co-)working, daily habits, day and night rhythm, loneliness, planning and procrastination, mindfulness, goals and values. If you want to reflect and look ahead which factors you can change, you can book an appointment (30 min.) for "Wellbeing Wednesday". 

Siggie online coaching 

There’s free personal online coaching for students like you at EUR from Siggie. Their experienced coaches and psychologists know what to do about stress, loneliness, different kinds of fear, and more. Siggie is part of an external organisation called Mentaal Beter that’s not linked to the university. It is a safe and anonymous place for you to get help. 

Boost your well-being 

Find information, activities, evidence-based exercises and tips about aspects of well-being.  

Students’ Helpline 

Do you want to chat with fellow students for advice, to tell your story, get referrals to good sources of professional support, or do just want a listening ear? Your peer supporters are here for you. 

Student Living Room 

The Student Living Room is an informal place where you can contact other students to just relax, or join a wide range of well-being related activities. 

Student panel 

The EUR is developing a well-being app that can help students manage the challenges of university life. We need you to help us create a product that fits your needs and wants! You can help us by testing the app and providing your feedback. 

Erasmus Walks 

Do you need a walk and a nice conversation? Then sign up for Erasmus Walks, an initiative in collaboration with Frisse Gedachtes. If you don’t live in Rotterdam, you can also sign up to call a fellow student.  

Advice and counselling from RSM and EUR 

Please remember that if you need support or advice about any aspect of your study programme, you can contact your Student adviser by email or telephone, or book an online appointment. Go to www.rsm.nl/study-advice and select your programme to see the appointment booking system.  


For questions about non-study matters, contact Advice & Counselling at EUR. For example, you can contact them if you are worried about: 

It’s a tough time for everyone, but there is always someone to talk to.  

There are a lot of services and resources that you can call on. All you have to do is click on one of the links to contact the help that’s ready and waiting for people like you. Find them in EUR’s well-being programme Are you OK out there?